Check out these 13 BBN relationships that didn’t work out

Check out these 13 BBN relationships that didn’t work out.

Check out these 13 BBN relationships that didn’t work out. Here’s a list of Big Brother Naija Reality Stars, who were Lovebirds at a point during the show and never continued afterwards.

Cee C and Tobi

It didn’t take time after they kick off of the third season of Big Brother Naija that Tobi and CeeC found warm in each other’s arm. It didn’t take long before the two became the first lovebirds from that season. Surprisingly, that relationship didn’t even last long as it was marred with conflicts. The two ended up becoming hostile towards each other till the end of the show.

Miracle and Nina

Another interesting relationship that everyone found very endearing during the third season of Big Brother Naija was that of Miracle and Nina. The two hit it off the moment the show started as everyone saw Miracle as Nina’s Knight in shining armour.
There were however some unresolved issues as Nina was in a relationship before coming to the house. That didn’t stop the two from showing off their newfound love for each other.

Tony and Bisola

The second season of Big Brother Naija saw the introduction of some of the most interesting housemates the reality show has ever had. On that list were Thin Tall Tony and Bisola. They both became inseparable the moment they set their eyes on each other. However, Tony hid the fact that he was married with kids from Bisola. The moment Bisola came out of the Big Brother house and found out that her in house lover boy was married with kids, that ship sailed.

Elozonam and Diana (Dialo)

When Elozonam joined the rest of the housemates at the fourth season of Big Brother Naija, Diane categorically made it clear that she was not interested in light-skinned guys. Well, we guess she was only trying to avoid the inevitable.
The two who started as close buddies and later turned to lovebirds. After the show came to an end, it was assumed that Elozonam and Diane were going to be the next big celebrity couple.

Omashola and KimOprah (Kimoshola)

Unlike the other guys on this list, Omashola and KimOprah didn’t get to spend a lot of time in the house together as a couple. It was because Kim was among those housemates who got evicted from the house early in the fourth season of Big Brother Naija.
The couple reunited at the end of the season and continued from where they stopped. KimOprah even accompanied Omashola to the palace of the Olu of Warri where he was honoured by the king.
Even though many believe this relationship never happened, Kim still announced that her relationship with the Warri born reality TV star had come to an end.

Frodd and Esther

The sunken love saga did not escape former lovebirds and Ex-BBNaija housemates Frodd and Esther. The duo found love inside the Big Brother house and sustained it for a while outside of it but yet their professed love failed to blossom as both parties didn’t really do enough to keep their love flame burning.

Mercy & Ike (Merike)

Big brother Pepper Dem season  can’t be told without mentioning the situationship of Mercy and Ike. Both was in a hot relationship in the house, Fast forward to the end of the show, they were still giving the public ‘Hot-Hot‘, but a couple of months later, there was no news on their relationship, as it was later revealed that they aren’t together anymore.

Ozo and Nengi (Ozone)

One on the most popular BBNaija most controversial relationship is the one of Ozo and Nengi. With Ozo being the Mumu type of lover like what we watch in Nollywood movies when a lady uses Voodoo to hold a guy then he unconsciously falls deeply inlove with her doing all her biddings, that was the case of Ozo and Nengi. We thought Ozo would be like that forever only for him to seems to have regain senses after his exit from the house. Ozo even acted as if he didn’t see Nengi doing one of the reunion party.

Prince and Tolanibaj (Pribaj)

The due was another sweet couples to entertain us in the show, However, the relationship had not been steady as Tolanibaj has complained severally about Prince not openly showing his feelings for her. On Thursday, she finally approached Prince and ended the relationship. … Prince on his part, accepted the break up and expressed hope for a better relationship outside the house.

Cross and Saskay

Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, Saskay, has revealed that she gets uncomfortable whenever Cross is around her. In a discussion between the duo one Friday, Saskay said that she feels uncomfortable around Cross because of his ‘bad boy energy’.
According to her, Cross is a sex enthusiast and that does not match her energy at all. Cross, however, said that Saskay also has ‘bad girl energy’ and she went on to explain what her energy was all about.
Saskay said, “It’s that energy of being able to do whatever I want to do. That’s what I consider a ‘bad girl energy’, not really sexually. I’m not a sexual person in public so I feel uncomfortable around people that are so comfortable either talking or being all sexual around everybody.


Sadly, BBNaija’s viewers favourite ship, Emmrose has ended as both parties have made it clear that they are no longer together.

Vee and Neo

Vee Iye and Neo Akpofure have also ended their relationship. Even though there have been speculations, no one really knows what initiated the break up.

Pere And Maria (Peria)

The Pere and Maria ship did not even last till the end of the show. Maria said she doesn’t want to have anything to do with Pere.


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