10 Most Followed Footballers On Instagram

10 Most Followed Footballers On Instagram

Instagram has come to be one of the most popular social hubs for celebrities and footballers are not excluded from this list. Below are the footballers with most followers on Instagram.
10. MO. SALAH – 48MMo Salah is an Egyptian winger playing for English side, Liverpool.The former African player of the year happens to be the only African footballer on the list and also the African player with most followers on Instagram.
9. JAMES RODRINGUEZ – 48.6MAlthough the Colombian attacking midfielder has had a hard time during his time at European clubs like Real Madrid, Bayer Munich and Everton.He still managed to clinch a spot on this list just a little bit above Salah.
8. SERGIO RAMOS – 49.4MSergio Ramos is considered by most as the greatest defender 9f his time and one of the best in history. The former Real Madrid man is not only good at defending but also attacking as he has over a 100 career goals.He made a free transfer from Real madrid to PSG and has hit the ground running since then. He is eighth on the list.
7. PAUL POGBA – 51.6MThe Manchester United man takes up seventh on this list. He is one of the two Frenchman on the list alongside his fellow 2018 World Cup winner, Julian Mbappe.
6. MARCELO VIEIRA – 51.9MCommonly known as Marcelo, the Real Madrid captain just gets above Pogba by a few thousand more followers. There has been rumours of the Brazilian Left back making a move back to the Brazilian league but nothing has been confirmed.
5. ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC – 52.2M Zlatan Ibarahimovic is not only known for his great football or his radical statements but for also his high number of Instagram followers.The Swedish striker who has been known to have played for almost ten clubs In his very long career has picked up alot of followers on the way, sighting over 52 million followers on Instagram.
4. KYLIAN MBAPPE – 65.9MKnown as one of the best youngsters at the moment, Kylian Mbappe is considered as one the future greats of the beautiful game.Along side his PSG teammates, Messi and Neymar, Mbappe ranks fourth on this list.
3. NEYMAR JUNIOR – 170MRanking third is another PSG forward, and former Barcelona man, Neymar Junior.From his time at Santos to Barcelona and now PSG, Neymar has proved to be one of the best footballers so far and the Brazilian shows that from the number of fams who follow him on Instagram.
2. LIONEL MESSI – 306MYet another PSG man and we are not surprised.
The footballer with most Balon ‘d’ors in the history and recognized by many as the best footballer in history, Lionel Messi. Although he has not hit the ground running following his shocking move to Ligue1 outfit, PSG, he is still considered as one of the best and it is only normal if he has this much Instagram followers.
1. CRISTIANO RONALDO – 401MCristiano Ronaldo is considered as the best footballer in history by alot of football fans and this is shown with the number of followers he has on Instagram. He also holds the record for the person with most followers on Instagram.Cristiano Ronaldo currently plays for his youth club, Manchester United where he has continued to shine despite been over thirty five years.



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