2022 World Cup: Which Countries Have Qualified?The 2022 World Cup is around the corner and as we know it is been played by a total of 32 teams, one of which are the host countries National Team which happens to be Qatar this time around, the rest come from the 6 football confederations.
AFC(Asia) 4 or 5 countries
CAF(Africa) 5 countries
CONCACAF(North, Central Americans and Caribbeans) 3 or 4 countries
CONMEBOL(South America) 4 or 5 countries
OFC(Oceania) 0 or 1 country
UEFA (Europe) 13 countries
Hosts 1
So far only 13 countries have qualified for the 2022 World Cup namely;
Qatar (hosts)
They are currently making their debut.
EUEFAGermany, Denmark, France, Belgium, Croatia, Spain, Serbia, England, Switzerland, Netherlands.
The remaining three countries will be decided from the playoffs between the 10 group stage runners up; Portugal, Scotland, Italy, Wales, Russia, Sweden Turkey, Poland North Macedonia and Ukraine
CONMEBOLBrazil, Argentina have qualified and are expected to be joined by 2 more countries while the 5th goes to inter-confederation play offs
AFC The AFC are currently playing the 3rd round of their qualifiers with 12 countries divided into 2 groups, the top two of each group will qualify for the World Cup while the rest play the 4th round to determine which country will move to the inter-confederation playoffs.
CAFThe 10 group leaders of Algeria, DR Congo, Egypt, Ghana, Cameroon, Mali, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal and Tunisia are now to compete in the CAF playoffs to decide the 5 teams to qualify for the World Cup.

CONCACAFThe 8 teams of Honduras, America, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Jamaica, El Salvador and Canada are currently playing in a group stage where the top 3 will qualify for the World Cup and the 4th will move to the inter confederation playoffs.


Due to Covid-19, the OFC didn’t host their qualification matches but will be doing it in Qatar next year.