3 Chealsa Personalities That Has The Same Look With Popular Celebrities (Photos)

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It is always amazing to spot a striking resemblance In people who are not even related to each other. It is natural for people who are related by blood to share a resemblance but it just feels thrilling to see total strangers having the same facial features.

1. Romelu Lukaku & Stormzy

Stormzy is a popular English musician and his resemblance with the Chelsea striker, Romelu Lukaku, is undeniable. Looking vividly at their pictures, they share the same facial features. Lukaku Is the newly Signed Chealsa Top 9 from his formal Club inter Millian.

The facial resemblance of both Celebrities is attest to be identical To back up this claim, an English sport newspaper once published the face of rapper Stormzy by accident, while reporting a news about Romelu Lukaku

2. Thomas Tuchel & Merlin

One of the Movie legends Merlin has been identified to be the look alike of the current Chealsa team manager Thomas Tuchel.

Collin Morgan, popularly known for his role as Merlin, is another celebrity who shared resemblance with a Chelsea personality. Comparing the facial features of Merlin and Thomas Tuchel, it’s almost as if they are brothers.

3. Ross Barkley & Jong Cena

Famous American Wrestler John Cena to many people, is a replica of Barkley a Chealsa footballer.

I’m very sure that Football fans expecially lovers of Chealse Football club won’t even argue on this resemblance. Barkley himself is probably aware that he shared a striking resemblance with the popular Wresting legend, John Cena..