All You Need To Know About Tonto Dikeh And Prince Kpokpogri’s Relationship Saga

All You Need To Know About Tonto Dikeh And Prince Kpokpogri’s Relationship Saga

All You Need To Know About Tonto Dikeh And Prince Kpokpogri’s Relationship Saga
All You Need To Know About Tonto Dikeh And Prince Kpokpogri’s Relationship Saga

All You Need To Know About Tonto Dikeh And Prince Kpokpogri’s Relationship Saga. Nigeria famous actress Tonto Dikeh is one of the most controversial Nollywood actress especially when it comes to relationships.

Tonto Dikeh has been is numerous relationship in the past few years and non of them has ended without a mind blowing story.

The Nollywood actress is recently on the news now reportedly the most trending gist in the nation in entertainment industry.

Tonto Dikeh, who is the baby mama of Churchill was reported to be dating one Prince Kpokpogiri. Her fans was happy and wished this could be the last relationship the actress will be into that will lead to marriage but unfortunately the hopes was lost as lots of funny and hilarious things unfolded out of the relationship.

Few weeks back, Kpokpogiri took to his Instagram status to accuse the actress of cheating on the early stage of their relationship. He also accused her of Traveling to Lagos to collect D!ck which in the end of the comment he praised her ex husband saying “Churchill na Man you be”

Tonto Dikeh in her defense accused Kpokpogiri of having Nudes of all the women he has slept with and reportedly sued Kpokpogiri of being in possession of some illicit pictures of her, according to her advocator, The said Kpokpogiri installed a CCTV in the actress apartment.

Again the actress also accused Kpokpogiri of owing her some huge amount of money
Tonto Dikeh, who tagged Jane Mena, a popular Instagram twerker, also alleged that Kpokpogri has different videos of their (Kpokpogri and Mena) private moments.

She posted, “#ICOMEINPEACE. After listening to these leaked voice notes between JOSEPH EGBRI (fake name Prince Kpokpogri) and Merit, I personally called my relationship off with a man I honestly did LOVE.

“Now this is not enough for blackmail and lies but it’s all good and great. Respectfully, all we are asking is come answer to the law for your illegal recording and release of my private moments (A CRIME) that

happened months back before I respectfully ended this relationship, extortion (A CRIME), blackmail (A CRIME), amongst other things alleged about you.

“This May be a good time to say @janemena this man has so much of your s*x tapes with him in his possession (old and very recent). Not just you but a lot of other married women, celebrities and single girls too. If he hasn’t blackmailed any of you yet, it’s a matter of time!!

“My darling JOSEPH EGBRI, it will only be fair enough you allow the law operate. If these are made up allegations, you need not fear, FOR A CLEAN HEART FEARS NOTHING. I’m not hurt, not mad, just DONE. I wish you would too.

“You can’t be the one blackmailing me, releasing my private chats with friends, bugging my phone and still be the one in trauma.

“Wish you all the very best but you need to stop running and face the consequences of your actions.”

Kpokpogiri in his defense denied the leaked voice note claiming that they broke up before the vn was made, Few hours ago as this post is been made Tonto Dikeh took on her official INSTAGRAM PAGE to back up her claims with a screenshot of her and her former boyfriend, in the screenshot, it was also discovered that he told some other lady that he Bought a dildo for Her (Tonto Dikeh) also made the actress cut off some of her beneficial friends just to be with him, Prince Kpopkogiri also claimed in the vn that the voice is not his, according to him it might be Google cloning.
in the screenshot she posted she captioned it with;

I am a very truthful person.I have not a bone of lie in me..I tried so hard to ignore all these. You can’t ridicule me with the story that you broke off this relationship and then I leaked a voice note that would affect me too..You can’t also use my past to Hurt me either…A relationship ended privately, you shld have left it in peace that way…Rather you went ahead with your blackmail threats and actually carried your threat out. You begged me to publicly come out and defend you in this and I didn’t, is that my crime?? How cld I support you with such a demeaning leaked Voice note!!! So far you have been the salty one and I have folded my hands to watch…I would love to respect you. But you would need to give me the opportunity to do so. Respect is earned!! #THIS WILL BE MY LAST PUBLIC STATEMENT

Early Yesterday Kpokpogri filed a lawsuit against Tonto Dikeh, seeking N10,000,000,000 (Ten Billion Naira) as compensation for the mental trauma, emotional stress and severe damage caused him due to an invitation by the Department of State Services.

Tonto Dikeh who subsequently reacted to this, had said that her lawyers are not hiding and can be easily be reached for any lawsuit. She had also alleged that Kpokpogri has dancer, Jane Mena’s old and recent sex tapes and that of other women.

Recall that Jane Mena has come out to dismiss any report attaching her and kpokpogiri

Bobrisky has also taken a shot at her old time ex friend Tonto Dikeh with a post on IG that reads;

“if you no get data this September ehnnnn. I’m enjoying Aunty disgracing herself everywhere”. He added “I no well pls Rita buy me Panadol extra”.

The cross dress has since followed kpokpogiri on IG

Read receipts below ;

Credit : Okonkwo Richard Favour

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