Full/Official List OF Documents For 2020/2021 Clearance

Full/Official List OF Documents For 2020/2021 Clearance
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The University of Nigeria Nsukka has finally released her official list of the required documents needed for the 2020/21 academic section.

FULL/OFFICIAL LIST OF DOCUMENTS/CREDENTIALS FOR 2020/21 CLEARANCE/REGISTRATION pawa9jaunnconnect Reporting Please, make sure that you get the following documents/credentials ready/available for your clearance.

1• O’LEVEL/A’ LEVEL RESULT: You can presentor use your ORDINARY WAEC/NECO result print-out, during your clearance. But if you have your original WAEC/NECO result(s), that is also good. You can also combine your *NECO & WAEC, WAEC & WAEC, NECOv& NECO,* etc, during your clearance, EXCEPT in Medicine/surgery & Dentistry.For Direct Entry Students, You have to present both your A’ LEVEL & O’level Results.

2• ADMISSION PAGE WHERE YOUR NAME APPEARED IN: In this one, Just go to any Cyber cafe and ask them to print out that particular page your nameappeared in, on the admission list. After printing the page out, Just MARK or TICK ✅your name.

3• JAMB RESULT SLIP: You can use ‘ordinary’ JAMB result print-out or the one that has your passport (that is, your original JAMB result). *Any of them is acceptable In University of Nigeria.

4• JAMB ADMISSION LETTER: First, Accept Your Admission in JAMB CAPS* so that you will be permitted to print out your JAMB admission letter. But, If your JAMB CAPS is still showing ‘NOT ADMITTED’, or ‘Admission In Progress’, and you are very sure that you uploaded your O’level in JAMB portal, Simply be patient and allow JAMB update your details on JAMB CAPS. Your JAMB CAPS will change in no long time.

6• UNN POST-UTME/DE SCREENING RESULT SLIP: Please print out your result slip, If you have not printed our Your Own before. Just go to any cyber cafe around and do that. You can also do it in campus when you Come for your clearance.

7• BIRTH CERTIFICATE/DECLARATION OF AGE/BAPTISMAL CERTIFICATE: Now, if you don’t have a birth certificate, you can use your Baptismal certificate or you go to a nearby court & get what we call ‘affidavit or declaration of age. It’s N500,00 to N1,000 In any court of law in Nigeria.

8• ADMISSION NOTIFICATION SLIP: This one is DIFFERENT from admission list page Where your name appeared in.To get this one, you have to log into your UNN Student portal/profile. Once you enter that portal, go to your MENU, click on ADMISSIONS, click on ‘GET ADMISSION NOTIFICATION SLIP,’ then print it out. That’s all! 👌

9• STUDENT PROFILE UPDATE/BIODATA: To get this one, log into your Student portal, click on your profile menu, supply the information that would be needed & print that page out.

10• LETTER OF ATTESTATION: This letter will be coming from your parents, or any family member, or your traditional ruler or anyone that knows youtoo well. The letter would be addressed to the Registrar, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.The letter will simply state that you have good qualities & is a good Citizen. Please, If you don’t know how to write it, just leave it and come to campus. Cyber cafe operators Inside campus have samples of this letter. They will just edit and print out one for you. It’s N100

11• LGA IDENTIFICATION LETTER or STATE OF ORIGIN CERTIFICATE :This is A letter from your LGA headquatre showing that you are a true son/daughter of a particular place. You can get it from your LGA headquarters. You can also use state of origin certificate if you don’t have an LGA letter.

12• UNN SCHOOL FEES ONLINE PAYMENT RECEIPT: You will print out this document after paying your school fees online via UNN portal.

13• ACCEPTANCE OF ADMISSION (Also Known As: ACCEPTANCE FEE PAYMENT RECEIPT): This is the one that will be given to you after you pay your acceptance fee in the bank & complete its payment process on UNN portal.The Cyber cafe Operator will print it out for You.

14• RED BACKGROUND PASSPORT PHOTOGRAPHS: Please, try to get at least, 15 passports….You will need them for your clearance….You can also snap the passports inside campus…

15• JAMB ADMISSION STATUS PAGE: Go to your JAMB CAPS portal and print out the page that usually show ‘Admitted, Admission in progress’ or ‘Not admitted’.You Need it!

16• JAMB O’LEVEL UPLOAD PAGE (i.e THE PAGE IN YOUR JAMB CAPS SHOWING YOUR O’LEVEL RESULT UPLOAD ON JAMB CAPS): This one is different from the above *”JAMB admission status page”.*This one is the page in your JAMB CAPS that shows that you have uploaded your O’level result to JAMB CAPS portal. So, You will also print it out.

NOTES:1.Other clearance documents will be given to you in campus by your clearance/faculty officer….

2. The Mode of arranging your documents for your clearance, will be communicated to you by your clearance/Faculty officer.

Please to all newly admitted lion and lioness, your expected to be with the following list of document so as to be able to do your clearance.