Premier League Teams Without African Players

PREMIER LEAGUE TEAMS WITHOUT AFRICAN PLAYERS Africa has been known to produce good football talents, having created football stars like Salah, Mane, Mendy, Osimhen, Drogba, Etoo just to mention but a few so it isn’t surprising to find a host of African players in almost every football club in Europe.
What happens to be quite awkward though, Is not seeing an African in a football team in Europe and England to be precise, but as surprising as it may be, there happens to be a few Premier League teams without Africans, of course this doesn’t include players of African descent who aren’t playing for their African countries.
TOTTENHAM HOTSPUREven though Tottenham has a host of black players in their team like Dele Alli, Sanchez, Tanganga, Bergwign and even Emerson Royal, non of them are Africans as they aren’t affiliated to their African countries’ national teams.
LEEDS UNITEDAlthough Leeds United has alot of Former African players, they currently don’t have any African player or infact, any player of African descent as their coloured players aren’t African descents like Raphinha.
NEWCASTLE UNITEDEven though Newcastle has black players like Joelinton, Callum Wilson and Willock, these players choose to represent England, while Saint Maximin represents france.
Well that might be changing soon, with Newcastle United been the club with the richest owner, it is expected to be welcoming some good, new players soon and hopefully an African might just be signed.
NORWICH CITYNorwich City is another English Premier League team that doesn’t feature an African player In it’s rank.
Even as such, they have a few players of African descent, like Rocky Bashiru and Adam Idaho who is of Nigerian descent. But non of them represent their African countries at the moment.

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