Review: Ycee’s “Love Drunk EP” Is Vibe Driven. He loves intensely

Review: Ycee’s “Love Drunk EP” Is Vibe Driven. He loves intensely.

Review: Ycee's "Love Drunk EP" Is Vibe Driven. He loves intensely.

Review: Ycee’s “Love Drunk EP” Is Vibe Driven. He loves intensely.


Ycee‘s last year’s effort tagged “MDIF” off his previous extended play “Quarantunes”, has prepared us the vibe which he already understands how to tap into and lay his feet upon it to compel our mood to the grooves he maneuvers outrightly.


Patoranking’s effort upon the last record ‘Aunty Lovina’, should be an important introspection as to how you should realize that Ycee has a great understanding of how he leverages on his artistry which has begun to be about denting vibes.


Ycee, upon this project, delivered at his own pace; depicting no rap as he deliberately sings showing off the beauty his vocal range taps the Afro-pop and Amapiano dubbed dancehall instrumentation, allowing him to tell exquisite love tales. Perhaps, he might have found love somewhere and decided to express how the story has been unveiling, through Love Drunk EP.


Meanwhile, He exploits his vibe power in the 7-track play, offering tracks that hover in the same kind of energy as they leave a strong bond and connection from each record to the next. However, the majority of the songs easily cut across the love theme which taps in at the erotic stage, inclining on lust without refuting the romance and vanity which Ycee naturally desires, even as it became crescent upon the hedonistic and revelers most cherished ‘Aunty Lovina‘ featuring Patoranking.


“Nu Riddim” becomes the delectable pop sample seated next to the last record which gave an official introduction to the revelers and ended the project. Meanwhile, Ycee exploits Nu Riddim in the manner which has to express the kind of value he finds in a girl he newly met, as he says there’s no one like her and continued to unleash smooth deliveries which are genuinely handy and quite worthy to preserve ones head-nodding alongside the beautiful rhythm it leaves behind.


‘Anymore’ is the perfect opener of the extended play which layers the vibe and allowed ‘Abeg’ to move with it through a proudly defined cohesion. ‘My Way’ featured Dwills Harmony, and it was exactly vibe-driven, upon the definition that seeks perfect chemistry which one genuinely has to enjoy. Ycee wonders if the woman he is with understands him and he asks if she knows his ways at all. He taps in his rap vibe and ended the record as another stint that curates more vibe even as the young Dwill’s delivery, gives a clear picture of another vibe and might plant him as the spare promising star, although he has been leading underground for a couple of years now.


“Intentionally” is melodic and pop that taps full beauty from few elements of the Amapiano sonic experience. Ycee tells part of his love story on here and desires his woman allows him to love her as he also advises her to be intentional as she finds her lover. The beauty of the record was short which purports that it’d have a greater replay value. “West Indies” is pop that glories his woman and elevates her strength in his life, even as he requires her to give him energy and clearly says she give his life energy and brings out the best in him. Invariably, Ycee might have found love in drunken level through this extended play which makes a genuine expression through denting his crescent vibes. All fingers crossed on Ycee.


  • Beats/Production:- 7/10
  • Lyrics:- 7.5/10
  • Composition/Arrangement:- 7/10
  • Best Verse:- Nil
  • Standout Track:- Aunty Lovina, Intentionally & Nu Riddim.
  • Musical Moment:- Nu Riddim
  • Album Rating:- 7/10

Credit: Agwuma Kingsley

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