Roman Abramovic Plans To Sell Chelsea: Swiss Billionaire Interested

Roman Abramovic Plans To Sell Chelsea: Swiss Billionaire Interested

Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and UK’s decision to sanction Russian business owners in it’s region, Chelsea FC owner, Roman Abramovic has decided to put the club up for sell.In an official statement released by the Russian billionaire last week, reports also reveal he is planning to sell his UK home and another flat. He previously put the handling of the club in the hands of the Club’s foundation of trustees but decided to sell it instead when the threat of sanctions by the UK government became more serious.In June 2003, Roman Abramovic bought Chelsea FC from Ken Bates for £140 million. He has contributed a total some of £1.5 million from his personal purse for the improvement of the club over the years and has won the present European Champions, 18 major trophies, including 2 and only UEFA Champions League trophies, 2 EUEFA Europas, 2 Super Cups and 5 English Premier League trophies, 5 FA cups and 3 League cups, making Chelsea FC the most successful English Premier League club since 2003. Roman Abramovic is considered by fans as an owner who loves the club and like he said, “I have never done it for the money, but passion for the club and game”.Following threats of sanction by the UK government, due to his been of the Russian Oligarchs and Vladimir Putin’s supporters he decided to sell the club, he has put the price at £3 billion, promising to donate net sells which is £2.9 billion to victims of the Ukraine invasion.Roman Abramovic said that the sell of the club will not be rushed but will be don through due proceedure.
Many rich enterpreneurs like Sir Jim Ratcliffe and Todd Boehly have been linked with buying the club and a rumoured reject of a £2.5 billion bid been heard. But Swiss business tycoon and billionaire Hansyorg Wyss has been sighted as the most prospective buyer as he is in talks with Roman Abramovic.The Chelsea owner has also confirmed that he will not be taking back his £1.5 billion loan to the club.
The club’s sale might not go through though, if the UK government happen to seize it before it is sold.

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