The Aston Villa Dilemma Ahead Of The Manchester City Game

The Aston Villa Dilemma Ahead Of The Manchester City Game

The Manchester City’s game against Aston Villa this Sunday marks the Premier League title winners’ last game of the season.
Manchester City are currently the English Premier League table toppers with 90 points, just one point ahead of arch rivals, Liverpool who have their final game ovthe season against Wolvermpton Wanderers on the same Sunday.The League title is almost in the bag for the Citizens but a slip up might also cost them the title to the Reds who have so far won two out of their four competitions so far and are hoping to win either the treble or quadraple.
Aston Villa on the other hand have progressed under former Liverpool legend and Rangers manager, Steven Gerrard, they are currently 14th on the Premier League table with 45 points following their draw against Burnley on Thursday.Aston Villa have a chance of breaking into the league’s top 10 if they win Manchester City but they also have more to gain if they loose to Manchester City this Sunday.
During the last Summer transfer window, Manchester City acquired Jack Greallish for the record breaking sum of £100,000,000, making the English man the most expensive English player ever, but that was not all that Aston Villa could earn from the sale.Even though Jack Greallish has not had a season befitting his big money move, their is a clause in his contract that states that Manchester City will pay Aston Villa €17,000,000 if Jack Greallish happens to win the English Premier League title. A win at Villa Park will ensure Manchester City the trophy and also mean that Aston Villa will get the clause money, while a loss against the Villains will mean that Aston Villa have a chance if moving up the table. What will Aston Villa do? Loose the match and gain €17,000,000 or win it and gain nothing.

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