The Meaning Of The Red Flower Badge That Epl Teams Often Wear

The Meaning Of The Red Flower Badge That EPL Teams Often Wear


Am sure many of you have noticed the bright red flower badge that Premier Clubs attach on the chest of their jerseys in some matches and which was recently worn in the the last game week.

But unfortunately, not many fans know the meaning and significance of that badge.

The English Premier League and Football have been known to create awareness to fans when needed, just like the taking of knees for the discriminated blacks and the wearing of rainbow Captain armbands for the LGBT minority, and like wise the black armband for dead footballers and so many others.

The poppy on the shirts of the Premier League’s club’s shirts this game week is an example.

First of all, the remembrance poppy is an artificial flower worn to remember veterans who died protecting their country and organisations exchange poppies for charitable donations to support the family of veterans.


This tradition is popular in the UK and that’s why according to statements by the English FA, Premier League clubs will be embodying the red poppies into their jerseys from 30th October to 5th November in remembrance of the Royal British Legion and that the shirts would be sold afterwards for donations to veterans families.

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