The New Champions League Rule And How It Might Affect The Knockout Stages

The New Champions League Rule And How It Might Affect The Knockout StagesThe Champions League just like every other football tournament has its own rules but the most popular of them happens to be the “away goals rule” which declares the competing club with most away goals in both legs of the knockout stage as the winner in a situation where both legs amount to a draw. This rule has made alot of surprising turnarounds in the history of the Champions League like the game between Barcelona and PSG where PSG beat Barcelona 0-4 in the first leg at Camp Nou but Barca came back 1-5 at Parc de Prince and progressed even though both legs were a combined 5-5 draw.The away game rule was good because it added an atom of suspense and feeling to the games.
However, last year to the dismay of football fans, EUEFA decided to do away with the away goals rule and introduce a “highest scorer progresses” style into the Champions League knockout stages. This means that a team has a chance of progression as far as they score as much or more goals as the opposition team. A percentage of fans love this new rule though as according to them it saves the fans from boring extreme defensive antics by teams that want to protect their away goals leads at home.This season’s Knockout Stages just began with 8 teams already played first legs of the Round-Off 16. Considering the new rule, the second legs of the Round-Off 16 are been expected to be more interesting than that of other years as teams who are on the losing end so far will try to come back in the second leg.

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