The UEFA UCL Round-off 16 Draw And Why It Was Redone

The UEFA UCL Round-off 16 Draw And Why It Was Redone

The 2021/22 Champions League round-off 16 draw was held this afternoon at UEFA headquarters Nyon, Switzerland between the sixteen clubs that made it through the group stages
The draw had many interesting fixtures like PSG vs Manchester United which would have been great because it would be the first time Messi and Ronaldo would be facing off since Messi won his record seventh Ballon d’or, Atlético Madrid facing off against the German giants, Bayern Munich, but the draw was cancelled and redone just three hours later due to mistakes and breach of round-off 16 draw rules which would be listed below.Ajax
Bayern Munich
Manchester City
Manchester United
Real Madrid
Atlético Madrid
Inter Milan
Sporting Lisbon
1. Manchester United were drawn to face Villarreal even though they were in the same group with the Spanish club.
2. Liverpool’s ball was placed in the same pot as Atlético Madrid even though they were in the same group.
3. Manchester United’s ball wasn’t placed in Atlético Madrid’s pot, which denied them the possibility of facing an English club in the round-off 16.These mistakes happened not to favor Atlético Madrid which caused the club to complain on their Twitter account.
This was later looked into by UEFA and the draw was made again and below are the new draws.Salzburg vs Bayern Munich
Sporting Lisbon vs Manchester City
Benfica vs Ajax
Chelsea vs Lille
Atlético Madrid vs Manchester United
Villarreal vs Juventus
Inter Milan vs Liverpool
PSG vs Real Madrid
Well surprisingly, every other team’s draw were changed except the current European Champions, Chelsea and last season’s Ligue 1 Champions, Lille who’s draw remained unchanged during both draws setting off vibes of a destined match.This first legs are currently scheduled for 15, 16, 22 and 23 February, 2022 a d the second legs for 8, 9, 15 and 16 March, 2022.

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