Top 10 Oldest Players In The History Of Football

Top 10 Oldest Players In The History Of FootballFootball is a game that requires high intensity and physical fitness and that means that it suits younger players, and that is the reason why most footballers retire around the age of 30, but football is not for the young only as there have been some older persons to have played the beautiful game, below are the top 10.
10. RIVALDOThe former Barcelona captain and Brazilian legend was known as one of the best footballers in the history of football during his time playing on Europe and Brazil.
He won trophies like the World Cup, Champions League, Laliga and even won the balon ‘d’ or at Barcelona. He retired in 2015 at the age of 43.
9. ROGER MILLAThe Cameroonian striker is popularly known for his dance celebration in the 1990 World Cup, he was 38 at that World Cup where he made the record for the oldest footballer to score in the World Cup, he broke his record four years later in the next World Cup before retiring 2 years later at the age of 44.
8.GIANLUIGI BUFFONKnown as one of the best goalkeepers of all time, Buffon has won it all in football, the World Cup, 10 league titles, 12 goal keeper of the year awards and the only goalkeeper to win the golden foot award.
The most interesting thing is that this legend is still playing even at the age of 44 following his return to boyhood club, Parma where he is the oldest active player in Italian football.
7. ANDREA PIEROBONAndrea Pierobon is also an Italian goalkeeper just like Buffon but even though he didn’t accomplish even a bit of what Buffon has achieved in his career, he is the oldest player in the history of Italian football. He spent his 28 years old career playing for numerous lower league Italian sides including Spal and Venezia and retired at the age of 46.
6. ESSAN EL HADARYEssan El Hadary is also another goalkeeper to have played for a long time. But he isn’t Italian but Egyptian, Essan El Hadary holds the record as the oldest player to play in the World Cup at the age of 45 during the 2018 World Cup, he is also the first African goalkeeper to save a penalty at the World Cup.
He retired in 2020 as the footballer with most AFCON titles at the age of 47.
5. FRANCESCO FLACHIFrancseco Flachi is the third Italian player on the list but he has a very disappointing story.
Flachi started his career in 1993 but in 2006 he was banned from footballer for 2 years after traces of cocaine during a random test, he came back in 2009 but in 2010, he was also found guilty of taking cocaine and this time, he was banned from football for 12 years.But Francesco Flachi shocked the world when he came back this year at the age of 47 to play for Signa in an Eccellenza amateur game.
4. SOCRATESEven though he did not win anything with the Brazilian National team, he is included in the all-time Brazilian hall of fame.Socrates retired in 1989 at the age of 35, but made a comeback 15 years later when he played for English side, Carforth town at the age of 50.
3. SIR STANLEY MATTHEWSSir Stanley Matthews is the first ever player to win the balon ‘d’ or, at the age of 41, he is also the oldest player to ever play in the English top flight.
Sir Matthews retired at the age of 50, being the only football player to be knighted while still playing actively.
2. KAZUYOSHI MIURAAfter travelling from Japan to Brazil alone at the age of 15 to play football, Kazuyoshi Miura started his career at Santos and went on to play for teams like Palmeiras, Genoa and even Dinamo Zagreb.Miura returned to the Japanese league in 1999 and has since played there to this day. He holds the record for the footballer with the longer career having played since 1986 (36 years) and the only footballer to have played in 5 different decades.
He currently plays for Suzuka Point Getters on loan from Yokohama FC at the age of 54. He is the oldest active footballer.
1. EEZ ELDIN BADHERThe second Egyptian of the list and the number one happens to be grand pa Badher who made his debut at the age of 75 for Egyptian league 3 side, October 6.
Eez Eldin Badher never played football professionally as a youth but went on to be a civil engineer, having a family, and even grand kids. It was then that his passion revived and he wrote to many football clubs until October 6 signed him, needing two 90 minutes games to become a professional footballer Eez Eldin Badher played his first game and then the second in 2020 where he scored an important penalty for his team against Hondos 6 to hold the Guinness book of world records award as the oldest footballer in the history of football at the age of 75.
Ryan Giggs (retired at 40)
Zlatan Ibrahimovic (40 and still playing for AC Milan)
Thiago Silva (37 and still playing for Chelsea)

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