“Trouble in paradise” – fans reacts as Sheggz and Bella gets in heated argument (WATCH)

“Trouble in paradise” – fans reacts as Sheggz and Bella gets in heated argument (WATCH)

“Trouble in paradise” – fans reacts as Sheggz and Bella gets in heated argument (WATCH). Sheggz and Bella, Big Brother Naija Season 7 housemates, had a spat last night. Following their wager task presentation, the two lovebirds had a misunderstanding.

Sheggz appears to be upset that Bella dances with other males at the Saturday night party, and he does not want her to dance with other guys. Bella, on the other hand, is upset since Sheggz stated it in front of the other housemates, and she also believes she may dance with whomever she wants. Their conflict stems from this. Bella was furious at Sheggz’s pleading, yet she was still enraged at him.

Following that, Bella went to ask Sheggz’s forgiveness as well. View the video below;



Here’s reactions from fans;


Theses two conversations proves to me that this their love is acting, contract and clear it’s not real. Why the treat, why the fear, so who told them if they are not together they won’t go far, my fear is on the shippers because its become obvious that, let’s try and strive together for the game


Suddenly sheggz can pronounce the “t” in words, it’s no longer “nor righ” but “not right” okay… love wey pursue accent


This is the reason i don’t like ships in BBN. They better learn to respect each other.


First u are saying u like this guy then u are now saying that u like groovy wassup girl wakeup from ur slumber this guy is not playing u


This is not even funny anymore!! am I the only one getting creepy guy vibes from him,??! Just almost two weeks and you behaving like the lady is your life??? I can’t understand how people are calling this obsession cute. It’s clear as day that this guy has an obsessed with her not in love with her. Everything he says is about him and what he wants. it’s too weird. Even in his so called acts of love is to glorify himself in the end. Because after his actions he gloats over why he did it. He actually sounded like he wanted to cry. Omo


u They’ve settled small but it’s so hard watching them apart sheggz is legit sleeping on a couch emotions na your mate. Wait o, Bella just went to meet him said she’s no longer pissed


This probably won’t sit well with the SHELLA shippers but I will still say it ” I think BELLA likes the attention she’s getting from SHEGGZ more then the guy himself!!!!


I don’t even understand why some people are calling him mumu He can’t change who he is nah.Some people are in zombies in their own relationships.Let him be Biko!


Boring ship, stop posting them they suck and make everything bland. Draining our energy and leave us in a bad mood


U ladies should learn from bella oooo, no be evry time strong head strong head and don’t allow beefs enta nxt day,e get y.


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